PC Game Pass Brings In Multiple Bethesda Titles and Two Elder Scroll Games

PC Game Pass

Recently, six Bethesda games were served as additional offerings to those who had access to PC Game Pass.

These six games were The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, Quake 4, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake Champions and Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

Many of the older titles from the gaming publisher, too, have now been made available to the subscribers of PC Game Pass. Those who have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will also get the opportunity to unlock every single champion in Quake Champions.

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This year, in April, games like Battlespire and Redguard were launched on Steam for the very first time. Many other older games were also added to the game distribution service around the same time. While Battlespire was launched in the year 1997, Redguard was introduced to gamers all across the world in 1998.

Those who have subscribed to PC Game Pass and other subscription services had been waiting to hear about many other games. In June 2018, one had heard about a game being released as a successor to Skyrim. However, since then no official confirmation has been provided on the same. As far as Elder Scrolls 6 is concerned, it is still in its post-production stage. Based on the recent developments, one can safely assume that the next fantasy title by Bethesda will not be released anytime in the near future.

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A while back, the Linkedin page of a Bethesda employee suggested that the company was only working towards developing Starfield at that point in time. At the moment, fans are debating whether the delays associated with Starfield will have an adverse effect on the production schedule of The Elder Scrolls.

Recently, Xbox made an announcement about all the new content that will be arriving on its subscription service this month. Coffee Talk, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Immortality are three of the most prominent games that will be arriving on the platform in the next couple of days. Last month was quite good for Game Pass subscribers as a plethora of new titles were added to it.

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