Players Can Now Farm in the Sims 4, New Modder’s Update Makes it Possible

Sims 4 farms

Modding and the Sims 4 community can never be split apart from one another because all the best features are often provided by modders even before the game developers could do so.

While they continue to support with some interesting expansion packs like Snowy Escape and Star Wars-themed stories, a lot of important features are still missing.

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One of the fun and widely accepted concept is a farming simulator option. Electronic Arts and Maxis have plenty of rules to abide to which is why they are not going to launch the option to farm within the game. Besides, it has not been much of an open world adventure when compared to titles from a studios like Rockstar Games. However, the mod creators have not refrained from making one and it has been aptly titled the Sims 4: Farmland.

Exploring the Wonders of Farming

The mod for the new game is being made by none other than the people who made the Brookheights Open World mod. The announcement was officially made by Arnie Sims aka the Sims Plus team which we assume is a small team or possibly just a guy working on making these awesome mods for the community.

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He made the official announcement on the Arnie’s Patreon page. While there is much more to know about the upcoming mode, players will be able to harvest a range of vegetables. For a change, you will also be able to harvest cereals and rear farm animals. The produce made through this meticulous process can later be sold in the farmer’s market or if you choose to be more of a business man, there is an option to directly sell them in the grocery store.

An Open World Setup

In the Sims 4 Farmland mod, players will be able to choose five lots in a 2D map view. The sims can choose to live in the land so as to take care of the vegetables farmed in their land. The mod further allows the sims to go to school, work or to restaurants. The advantage is that everything will be seamless without a loading screen.

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The modder has also released an official trailer which should give players a quick overview of what to expect from the mod before they download it. As always, this is available for PC gamers as modding on Xbox or PlayStation is a far more difficult process when compared to doing the same on a Windows version of the Sims 4.

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