The Sims 4 Gets Ready for a Baby Update, Sims 5 is in the Horizon

Sims 4 Baby update

Electronic Arts along with Maxis have some great news to share as they gear up for a great next-generation console year.

With Xbox Series X, PS5 and new PC graphics card out, it is time to launch the Sims 5 as the Sims 4 is slowly getting old at this point. The majority of gamers would definitely refute this claim as they love the expansion packs but the new hardware could do a lot more for this game than it has ever been.

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Electronic Arts in their official update confirmed that they have a huge surprise waiting in store for the Sims 4 players. The big announcement will be made in 2021 and according to EA this will definitely be worth the wait. We are pretty sure this is not going to be a game pack or expansion pack because creating this level of hype for a title unless it is a new game doesn’t make sense. Besides, it has been years since the last game got launched and moving onto the new generation of platforms with better open-world features would definitely keep the Sims floating above the competition.

November Patch Possibly Brings in a Baby Update

Adding babies as a character rather than a sim and moving it from being an object would definitely affect all your save games. All Sim Gurus and lots of modders have already explored this option while talking about the difficulties that lie in changing a baby from being an object into a character. However, based on the coding sources found by a Sims modder and posted on Twitter, it looks like there is actually a baby update coming your way this month. There are no definitive sources at this point but it always happens as a surprise, as we have come to know from the developers’ patterns so far.

Sims 4 Baby update

For many years, players want to be able to bring in a baby as yet another character and not keep them in the crib. If confirmed, this will enable players to wash toddlers in the sink to keep them clean and hygienic. Such an addition makes them more of a family member than these babies have ever been but obviously, there will be lots more to do. The surprise factor is that even though it is a pretty old game at this point, the Sims 3 enabled players to wash babies in the sink and dress them up.

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When older titles could support it, it should be able to run on the newer game but without affecting the existing save files. A parenthood pack is also in the works.

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