PlayStation 5 Launch Day: PS5 Stocks in US, UK and Europe

PlayStation 5 console

Launching new products during a pandemic could be a nightmare which is what companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia and AMD are facing at this point.

The PlayStation 5 is having the most staggered launch in recent years for a new console. However, we have rounded up some of the stock information available with major retailers in the US, UK, Europe and other regions.

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While most stocks are expected to arrive in the next week and in December, currently there is very limited stock. By the time you read this, many may have sold out or if you are lucky you could possibly pick one from a store nearby at Walmart or Target. The console costs $499 for the disc edition while the $399 disc-less edition seems to be more in demand.

PlayStation 5 console

Some gamers even opined that they received a console with the disc tray even though they paid just $400 to own it. It looks like companies like Amazon are shipping more expensive consoles so as to ensure they deliver for those who pre-ordered without fail.

Stock Availability in the US

Amazon US has completely run out of stock right now but they are expecting more stock by next week. Similarly, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart all had stocks available but only in select stores. Make sure to make a call before you try to drop in but the online stores would definitely be marked as out of stock right now. Walmart is expecting new stock to arrive before this week ends.

PS5 Stock in UK and Europe

If you happen to live in a country out of the United States, getting a new batch of PlayStation 5 consoles is even more difficult. All the major stores in the UK including Tesco, Argos, Very confirmed that they have no new stock. Amazon UK, Game and Asda are expected to receive new stock from today onwards but it will be a first come first serve basis.

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In Europe, Amazon ES and DE are expected to receive more stock this weekend while Amazon France has run out of stock. GameStop Ireland faces a similar situation with no new stocks in sight for the near future. Amazon and Walmart in Canada have not mentioned availability at this point in time but you should probably be able to buy one before Christmas if you live in Canada.

Sony PS5 accessories are available including the new DualSense controller, charging station and Pulse 3D headset. If you own the console, you should be able to buy them all in the US, UK and Europe without any difficulty in finding stock.

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