The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Feature the Biggest Ever Cities, More Details Inside

skyrim Elder Scrolls 6

This week has been an exciting one for the Elder Scrolls 6 fans because the game has been confirmed to be a day one launch on Xbox Game Pass.

The time when you have to spend $60 for a newly launched game is long gone because of the subscription service. Besides, hardcore ES6 fans wouldn’t mind spending anything to own a game that should last them months of exploration.

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Todd Howard, as part of the interview further confirmed that the cities in the game will be much larger when compared to the ones found in Skyrim. If you are a big fan of Skyrim, you wouldn’t mind admitting the fact that they had some of the smallest cities with just 20 people in it. It was definitely a low point because having a large city bustling with activity seems far more immersive than just tens of NPCs narrating their lines to every visitor.

Deducing ES6 Cities from Skyrim

Every city will have a story to tell. Skyrim explored it quite well with places like Solitude, Riften and Markarth. Everything from thieves to vampires and werewolves, there was so much to explore as your character walked through these cities. Going by the trend the developers approached cities in these games, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Elder Scrolls 6 focusing on a lower number of cities but make them larger and more lively with lots of characters.

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Bethesda developers have not commented on the lore they have been creating for the new title. But, we can still make some guessing game based on how it has panned out in Skyrim. There were so many different missions to pursue especially when you are going after a mysterious killer or playing the detective to solve a murder mystery. Having cities that are both large in design but also have a tight corner to provide a sense of immersion would help the new title reach all kinds of players.

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Dunmer people and Morrowind culture are some of the many instances where Skyrim excelled in establishing multiple cultural mixes. The Elder Scrolls 6 is expected on similar lines but it will continue to have larger cities considering the fact that the next-generation hardware can easily render it, on PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Instead of making all of the NPCs, some unique character development would make the stories told by them more immersive and the missions more personal when you choose to pursue them.

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