PS5 System Update Assure Performance Improvements, Stable Gaming Experience

PS 5 gaming

Being an early adopter of a newly launched console has its fair share of good points and some issues.

While in the early days the ring of death and Bluray issues were rampant, the PlayStation 5 console and the Xbox Series X had a fairly decent launch. Except for the fact that they had stock issues due to a pandemic situation, performance isn’t as bad as some may claim.

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For some users according to Reddit and many other sources, the console when left on rest mode bricked the entire machine. Players were unable to make it work again when they switched it on hours later or the next day to resume a game title. Unlike the Xbox consoles which support quick resumes between multiple game titles, PS5 owners had to manually keep the console in rest mode. This saves them time and also the ability to quickly jump into a game they left hanging a day before. Some complained that this is really bad but being under warranty, it will obviously be covered by the stores and Sony as a brand.

PS 5 gaming experience

Software Update to Improve Performance

With the latest system software update for the PlayStation 5 console, it looks like Sony will fix a lot of pestering issues associated with the machine. The most prominent of them all is the Rest Mode which caused issues for a lot of gamers and they were furious that their next general console got bricked in a matter of minutes. It should also fix a lot of software related issues including the ones caused by using external hard drives with the machine.

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The problem with not only PS5 but any new console of the generation continues because Call of Duty Blacks Ops Cold War had a download queue bug. The game wouldn’t move from the queue to download at any point in time and this continued to happen with lots of other games as well. PlayStation 5 is an excellent console without doubts but it might take some time for these problems to be ironed out.

You can choose to download the latest update by heading to Settings, System and System Software. Update the software and hope it works but still expect more such releases until the console comes into a stable situation. Besides, the lack of games on launch day and the fact that these next-generation titles cost $70 further taxes the gamer but it is something everyone has to learned to adapt so that they can continue playing their favorite exclusives.

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