PlayStation Store Accessibility Tags Make it Easier for Players with Disabilities

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Bringing in games for more players is the goal and PlayStation store accessibility tags are designed to make life easier for those who have specific disabilities.

It doesn’t mean they should have a massive physical issue but rather a simple one like the inability to switch between different colors or read small texts can now be fixed by confirming if the particular game supports it.

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As a whole, the store offers over 50 accessibility tags making it easier for the user or someone who is helping them to identify their requirement. They are also split into six different categories so as to keep things simplified and organized. Game developers will find the addition useful because when they now upload a title to the store, they can notify players of all the accessibility features they have incorporated into the title. Eventually, it should help buyers know more about a title before they invest their hard-earned dollars into it.

Splitting the Tags

PlayStation Store accessibility tags are split into six different categories namely subtitles and captions, visual, audio, controls and gameplay along an online communication tag to help in multiplayer modes. Players with visual issues can make use of the tags to know that the game will contain large text, clear text and audio cues to know more instructions. Similarly, the controls allow a player to fully customize it based on their individual needs to avoid rapid button presses or make use of motion controls when possible.

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By combining so many accessibility features together, people with unique disabilities or unable to play a game title in its original format can make use of these tags. Besides, all major titles available are supported with many of the accessibility features making it an easier pick for young and old gamers alike.

Both PS5 and PS4 titles are being tagged now with popular add ons including God of War Ragnarok, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Days Gone, Returnal, Ghost of Tshushima: Director’s Cut and Marvel’s Spiderman as well as Spiderman Miles Morales. PlayStation Store accessibility tags are expected to be added to more titles in the following weeks.

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