The Sims 4 Reacts To Criticism Over Control Changes in Xbox and PlayStation

Sims 4

The control alterations pertaining to The Sims 4 that were made to Xbox and PlayStation weren’t received too well by fans.

On 31 January, a new update was rolled out to The Sims 4 which resulted in the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game getting a bunch of control adjustments and features that were designed to enhancing one’s navigation abilities with the help of controller.

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Many changes were introduced as a part of this update. The Build/Buy mode, for instance, works very differently now. Several players have been vocal while stating that they are not too happy with the changes. According to them, the process of building something has become far more complex and tedious. Most players are now requesting for these changes to be rolled back.

The complaints put forward by players make it clear that the developers should have spent more time thinking about the overall utility of this update. Players can seek solace in the fact that The Sims 4 team has responded to this issue.

Recently, an EA community manager responded to the complaints and stated that the developers have made a note of the feedback. The community manager further said that the team is sincerely working towards finding a concrete solution to this problem. As per the community manager, the team has been reviewing the feedback and complaints diligently and is doing its best to ensure that players do not face such a situation in the near future.

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As of now, there is no clarity on the steps The Sims 4 team will be taking to resolve this issue. The statement of the community manager, however, has given players an assurance about this problem being dealt with soon. Till the time that happens, they can check out all the new content that has been launched the last week.

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