GTA 6: Romance Options In The Game Could Be a Breath of Fresh Air

GTA 6 Release Date

If the rumors about romance options being included in GTA 6 turn out to be true, it could make a lot of ardent fans happy.

GTA 6 is arguably one of the most anticipated games of all time. Fans have a lot of expectations from the game and have been waiting for a while for Rockstar Games to share some official updates pertaining to it. While fans expect it to have some of the elements that have been very popular in the other GTA games, they also wish for it to surprise them with several new and exciting elements.

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In the gaming world, romance options, traditionally, have been linked with dating sims or RPGs. Lighter romance options, however, have been incorporated in some of the games that have been released in the recent past. Rockstar Games, too, has dabbled with it but not in a very big way. GTA 4 players were given the option to go on dates with women they had come across on dating sites. In GTA San Andreas, there was the possibility for one to have more than one girlfriend.

If the recently surfaced rumors are to be believed, Rockstar could include some romance options for players in GTA 6. There have been talks about GTA 6 featuring a male and a female protagonist. If this news turns out to be true, then the developers might create the possibility of some romance between the two protagonists.

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Last year, an early build of the game got leaked in the online space. The leak was massive and it brought several media-based elements related to the game to the fore. While the leaked footage has been taken down, a lot of the elements from it continue to be around. On a GTA 6 Reddit page, a data miner recently stated that there are certain scripts that hint at romance brewing between Jason and Lucia, who are supposed to be the two protagonists of GTA 6. This romantic angle, as per the data miner, would have a major impact on the game.

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