PlayStation Store Spring Sale Brings in Amazing Game Title Discounts

Horizon Forbidden West

Every year PlayStation Store Spring sale often surprises us with a slew of discounts on some of the most wanted titles we would love to own.

When you could save a couple of dollars and easily grab half a dozen titles for the entire family, it is obvious that you wouldn’t want to miss the sale period.

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We have carefully collated the entire library because it’s not just Spring Sale but any discount period for that matter will have so many game titles scattered around. Before one could finish browsing through all of them or get busy with work in the middle, the sales often end up leaving you in a frustrated state.

Here are our top picks from the PlayStation Store Spring Sale

GTA V for just $20 – While the entire world has probably played this game by now if you look for online multiplayer action with a friend and they don’t own the title, this is the cheapest way to own one.

Gotham Knights $28 for multiplayer action and to join as a team for grinding your gears to earn more accessories.

NBA 2K23 at $23 and PGA Tour 2K23 at $20 are for sports fans based on the kind of game they love to indulge in.

Red Dead Redemption 2 at $20 is a massive adventure with picture-perfect graphics and the best single-player campaign that you could possibly play. Easy to engage in it for hours at a stretch.

The Last of Us Part I at $50 sounds quite expensive because it is a brand-new game designed from the ground up for the PlayStation 5 console. Whether you are a first-timer or like to revisit the zombie apocalypse, this is the one.

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Horizon Forbidden West at $40 is a great deal as it introduces you to the world of exploration and adventure mixed with a bit of action. Definitely a great pick for the season and is among the newest titles to be offered.

PlayStation Store Spring Sale has a range of other titles including FIFA 23, Dying Light 2 Staying Human, Skater XL, Ghostwire Tokyo and many more.

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