Resident Evil 4 Files Point Towards The Return of a Popular Story Mode

Resident Evil 4

Certain Resident Evil 4 files, which had been tucked away for long, give an inkling of a fan-favorite side story returning to the game.

While the Resident Evil 4 remake has been received quite well by fans, they had been hoping for certain elements from the original game to be incorporated in the remake. There were certain modes that fans were keen on having in the remake. Capcom seems to have made a note of this wish of fans and taken some effective steps in this direction. Recently data mined evidence has made fans hopeful about a much-loved story mode being introduced in the remake.

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The Mercenaries, a timed combat mode, was extremely popular in the original Resident Evil 4 remake. This particular mode, however, was not available in the remake. There were several requests for the side campaigns of Ada Wong, Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways to be included in the game. While Capcom has assured fans that The Mercenaries will be added to the remake in the near future, there has been no clarity on the inclusion of the story modes of Ada.

Data mined information, which has come to the fore recently, indicates that the publisher has plans to make the Separate Ways campaign by Ada Wong available in the remake. Gosetsu, a prominent data miner, shared this particular information and also stated that a bunch of folders pertaining to the PC version of the files have been discovered. The names of some of these folders are ‚ÄėMercenaries‚Äô, ‚ÄėAnother Order‚Äô and ‚ÄėChainsaw‚Äô.

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Capcom might not have understood the importance of incorporating modes from the original game in the remake in the past. However, the kind of feedback it has received from fans in the recent past should give it some idea about the kind of elements fans expect to be a part of the remake.

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