Pokemon GO Confirms The Debut of Two New Gen 5 Pokemon In May

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO fans can look forward to being introduced to two new Gen 5 Pokemon next month.

Pokemon GO has finally made an official announcement about a major event that will be organized in the month of May. This event is expected to be quite special as it will mark the debut of two Gen 5 Pokemon in the form of Volcarona and Larvesta. For Pokemon Go, April has been quite a busy month marked with shocking controversies, important events and some pressing issues. In the month of May, it will be treating fans with some fresh content.

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Ever since it was launched in the year 2016, the game has been adding new content at regular intervals to please the fans. The regular addition of new content, in fact, has been one of the biggest contributing factors towards the success of the game. Though we are almost at the end of April, the players still have the chance to participate in an important event, the Community Day Classic featuring Swinub.

Meanwhile, the game has also made an official announcement about An Instinctive Hero event that is scheduled to start on May 2 at 10:00 a.m. The event will reach its culmination on May 8 at 8:00 p.m. The event’s highlight, undoubtedly, is the much-anticipated debut of Volcarona and Larvesta. Fans should also look forward to some exciting bonuses in the form of Stardust and double XP.

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The fans always get excited when they hear about new Pokemon being added to the game. Apart from making the game more dynamic, it also shows Niantic’s commitment to expanding the Pokedex of the game. In recent times, the game had been plagued with several issues and that has resulted in some of the fans of the game staying away from it. The addition of new content, however, should get most of those fans playing the game again.

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