Pokemon GO Makes An Announcement About The Debut of Iconic Pokemon

Pokemon Go

While the debut of a legendary Pokemon should work as positive news for fans, there is one thing that might leave them a little underwhelmed!

Niantic has made a formal announcement about the legendary PokemonRegieleki making a debut in Pokemon GO. However, there is one important detail pertaining to the debut of this Pokemon that fans are not really in awe of.

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Players will be able to find Regieleki in Elite Raid which has often been described as the most challenging and intensive Raid type in Pokemon GO. However, there’s one thing players will have to be mindful of here. Raids will only be available on April 9 at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. local time. The day and time chosen for the event didn’t go down well with the players.

Many of the players were of the opinion that Niantic shouldn’t have scheduled the event around Easter. Those who choose to participate in this event will be able to have a look at Exclusive Timed Research after finishing the Raid. They will also be liable to get some rewards in the form of Registeel Candy, Regirock Candy and Regice Candy.

In the recent past, apart from the timing of the legendary Pokemon’s debut, Pokemon GO has been in the news for other reasons as well. When Niantic announced some modifications in Remote Raids, it greatly upset a large section of Pokemon GO players. They went to social media to express their dissatisfaction with this particular decision taken by the developer.

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Since players have been vocal about all the issues they have with Pokemon GO at the moment, it would be safe to assume that Niantic must have made a note of it. However, the gaming and software development company hasn’t shared any clarification on whether it will change the date or stick to it.

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