Pokemon Go Developer Brings Monster Hunter Now, Announcement Made

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go developer brings Monster Hunter Now, a game that is basically still designed to resemble Pokemon.

But Monster Hunter is quite mature and an experience that hardcore gamers would enjoy hunting down huge monsters pairing up with their friends.

Monster Hunter Now is the official title of this newly announced game by Niantic. The name was extremely popular a couple of years ago because Pokemon Go had people frantically looking for solutions all over the world. They had to use their phone and find real-world Pokemons but it sometimes led them to dangerous zones. It was quite a thrill ride as you can play along with your friends, and seek help from others located across the globe as Pokemons were spread in the USA, China and Japan all at once making it a group hunting experience.

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The newest announcement is quite different and far more serious than the colorful venture Pokemon Go is. Niantic confirmed that Monster Hunter Now which is scheduled for launch on September 23rd will allow players to experience it in a closed beta experience for now. If you are part of the excited crowd, make sure to sign up and play the game on 25th of April.

Pokemon Go Developer

As the Pokemon Go developer brings Monster Hunter Now this month, players planning to check it out can head to MonsterHunterNow.com which is where beta sign ups are being accepted. The game has already been in development for four years and is all set for launch. Niantic has spent enough time from what they claim and it will also allow you to make use of augmented reality to hunt those monsters in the real world.

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At least four players can team up to hunt monsters in your own neighborhood. There will be specific weapon types that players can use and PokeStops, an old concept will also be added using which players can find new resources, weapons as well as other updates to continue their hunt.

Most didn’t expect Pokemon Go developer brings Monster Hunter Now at this point but it will be a welcome addition as people love being outdoors once again. Paintballs can be used to mark monsters for a hunt later on and battles are done in less than two minutes, making it a commute-friendly game to play on the go.

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