Pokemon Introduces Gardening Merchandise Which Includes Squirtle Watering Can

Pokemon Go

If you are a Pokemon fan who loves gardening, then here is a piece of news that will definitely delight you.

With winter season behind us, it is time for the plants and the flowers in our garden to bloom. Keeping in mind the fact that spring is an important month for gardening enthusiasts, Pokemon is all set to introduce its innovative ‘Grassy Gardening’ merchandise. The collection, the first look of which was unveiled recently, comprises of a bunch of Pokemon-themed gardening tools including garden markers, colorful aprons and a cutesy Squirtle watering can.

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The merchandise also consists of several soft toys based on characters like Oddish, Shaymin, Bulbasaur, Turtwig, Hopip, Rowlet and Snivy. Interestingly, all these characters happen to be Grass-type Pokemon. The soft toys are very well-designed and attractive but don’t really have novelty value as Pokemon releases them with other types of merchandise at regular intervals. The gardening-based items include a storage basket, a cultivation set, sandals and an aroma diffuser. The most unique item in the collection, undoubtedly, is a watering can that resembles Squirtle. Water directly comes out of the mouth of the Squirtle. What’s even more interesting is that the can does a neat impersonation of the Pokemon by demonstrating its popular ‘Water Gun’ attack with Squirtle’s tail operating as the handle.

There has hardly been any merchandise introduced by Pokemon which doesn’t feature Pikachu. Even earlier this year, Pikachu was prominently featured on the face masks introduced by Pokemon. In the ‘Grassy Gardening’ collection, the sandals and the apron feature a picture of Pikachu in an apron. There is also a vase on which you can see Pikachu wearing the gardening apron. The kind of imagery used here is bound to attract a lot of Pokemon fans.

Some of the other items which have been mentioned in the catalog include a tote bag, acrylic charms, a badge collection and a bunch of cookies. Pokemon has released the merchandise at a very appropriate time. While a large number of people have taken to gardening during this lockdown period, many have spent their time at their home playing Pokemon games with their friends and loved ones.

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The ‘Grassy Gardening’ collection is scheduled to be launched officially on May 15th. However, it will be made available at a later date on Amazon Japan and the Pokemon Centre Stores in the country. At the moment, there is no clarity on whether it will be get a wide international release but Pokemon fans might be able to lay their hands on it via e-Bay or other sites where it might have been put up for resale purpose. After giving a glimpse of the collection, Pokemon is expected to roll out more updates about the merchandise in the near future.

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