Pokemon Sun and Moon Online Competition Announced in March 2017

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon had an interesting announcement recently on its website for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon fans.

This is regarding an online competition that has been named Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble. The key point to be noted when taking part in the competition is that gamers can use only a specific set of Pokemon that are taken from either the first generation or seventh generation or both. Pokemon used from other generations are likely to get participants in getting disqualified and terminated from the competition.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Competition

The Pokemon Sun and Moon competition is scheduled to take place for exactly a couple of days in the second half of the month. Starting from 12:00 AM UTC on March 17 (4:00 PM PST or 7:00 PM EST on March 16), the contest is on till 11:59 PM UTC on March 19 (3:59 PM PST or 6:59 PM EST). Preregistration for the game is mandatory. This process has started today and can be done until just before the challenge starts. The registration must be done on the Pokemon Global Link (PGL) home page using your PGL account. Once you login on this website using your account, check out for Online Competitions under the main menu. This will give you access to the rules and regulations of the competition that you must accept as part of the registration, as well as keep you informed about the kind of Pokemons that you can in the contest. There are also some prerequisites that you must ensure that you have ready for participation. These comprise a fairly big collection of the eligible Pokemon (preferably the full team), own copy of either Pokemon Sun or Moon depending on which competition you are participating in and a Pokemon Trainer Club account.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

When the competition starts, all Pokemon will be set to level 50. So, it makes no difference even if you have only one Pokemon with a higher value when you commence. It will automatically get set to the predefined level. According to the statement on the website, the players’ goal must be to get to the top place on the leader boards. This will be announced as soon as the game comes to an end. Interestingly, no mention has been mentioned about what reward the winner will get. However, it has been made clear that eligible partakers will be awarded with either a Steelixite or a Pidgeolite as a token of appreciation for their participations.

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