PS4 Sharefactory Update Released Introducing Some Major Changes    

PlayStation 4 Sharefactory

The just rolled out PlayStation 4 system software (termed as Sasuke) has resulted in a major update for Sharefactory that now showcases a gamut of new features.

The new Sharefactory update is version 2.50 and is now available for installation with the PlayStation 4 update. For those who do not know what Sharefactory is, this is a video editor integrated into the gaming console to help in making changes to the videos based on individual preferences. With both the latest updates installed, players can do a whole lot more to their videos and images than they could before.

PS4 Sharefactory Update Released

One of the major features newly introduced following the update is the capability of importing both images and videos from USB devices directly into Sharefactory. The importable content includes outros, intros, titles and a lot more. Editing to any or all of the mentioned content can now be done using just Sharefactory alone. Yet another new characteristic is the Clone Clip feature. As the name indicates, this functionality helps in creating multiple identical replicas of a video clipping that is being used. The cloned copies retain all the characteristics of the original clipping such as time duration, filters, text, stickers and others. This makes it easy for users to edit their videos without having to work on certain aspects over and over again. Thanks to the PS4 Sharefactory update, the Capture Gallery now permits users to select a maximum of 16 screenshots or video content at a time and import them into a new project. This makes the process of commencing new projects faster and easier. Also, due to the increase in the number of items that can be selected at a time, creating a video and sharing it is now very simple.

PlayStation 4 Sharefactory

Apart from the above mentioned two pivotal updates, there are a number of small and yet significant updates. More than 30 textures have been added to the existing collection for users’ text personalization and text scalability without any problem. New stickers, as well as photo mode templates and collages and a informercial Sharefactory theme have been included. The new collages support up to 16 images in a collage. Contextual help has been implemented throughout Sharefactory that is indeed a blessing for those who require task related assistance when trying out something. The UI has undergone some modifications to make it less complicated than it was before.

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