Pokemon Unite Shares Plans For Winter Content Slate


The development team of Pokemon Unite has announced its elaborate plans for the Winter Holiday Event that will be organized very soon.

This announcement makes it clear that players will have a lot of interesting content to look forward to in the game this winter. Recently, Pokemon Unite organized a Halloween-themed event that featured new cosmetics that Pokemon and trainers could try.

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Pokemon has a vast universe comprising innumerable game genres and other content, even outside the standard JRPG format. Pokemon Unite can be described as a MOBA featuring a plethora of content that players find exciting. When a match or a tournament takes place, different Pokemons step into carrying out different activities or perform a set of responsibilities assigned to each of them. There are also a variety of maps with interesting gimmicks and important conditions for victory.

The Winter Holiday Event will start with Pokemon Unite on December 1. Between December 1 and December 25, players can look forward to a bunch of interesting events being organized in the game. While the Shivre City map will feature a Snowball Battle challenge, players will also have the chance to collect a Holiday Login Gift. The Aurora Ranked Challenges have been designed for players to stake their claim on currencies and other rewards. The Illumination Challenge battle pass will be available from December 1 to January 9.

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The cosmetic rewards that players will get the opportunity to earn for their Pokemon and trainer avatars will revolve around the theme of the holiday. From colorful sweaters to stylish hats, players will get the chance to win several interesting items. There will also be the much-awaited Pokemon Unite Weekend.

Alongside the Winter Holiday Event, players can also look forward to the crossover that will take place between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon Unite players, who are on Switch, will have certain additional benefits. The background and outfits in this event will be quite similar to the Uva Academy and Naranja Academy uniforms. At the moment, Pokemon Unite does not feature any Pokemon from the Paldea region. However, this is one of those things that could undergo a change in the near future.

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