PS4 News Roundup : No Man’s Sky Update has Huge Expectations, January PS Plus Games are all Indies

No Man’s Sky Update

It has been a busy week for PS4 console as a new update for No Man’s Sky is out soon.

GTA 5 got a new Liberty City mod and the company’s January PS Plus game lineup is full of top-star indie titles.

No Man’s Sky, a PS4 and PC exclusive title received such attention like no other game. The space explorer promised a lot of things but in the end, it didn’t deliver as expected according to many gamers. PC players on Steam left it overwhelmingly negative reviews but still it sold so many copies that Valve’s gaming distribution platform listed it among the top 100 games of 2016.

No Man’s Sky Update

Hello Games, the developer was scrutinized and later cleared of charges by the Advertising Standards Authority. Ever since its launch, the developers have continued to support the game by rolling multiple updates. The latest Foundation Update released in the month of December changed the game like no other update. It had so many features, a lot of bug fixing was done and the space survival simulator-like title slowly gained traction. The Steam reviews now show mixed instead of overwhelmingly negative which is a good sign.

The newest update to be rolled out in January will surely have a lot of bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Most gamers who are fans of No Man’s Sky are expecting new features that will make the game more interesting than it already is. Since early previews, Hello Games promised a lot but delivered very little. The PS4 and PC update could be the one that players are expecting.

Sony has officially revealed the list of PS Plus games and it doesn’t have any AAA titles that continue to disappoint gamers. While there are some amazing indie games including Titan Souls, This War of Mine: The Little Ones and Day of the Tentacle Remastered on the PS4 console, the lack of proper action games or AAA titles sound disappointing yet another month. Meanwhile Xbox One gamers enjoy more freedom due to cross platform and backward compatibility support with PC and Xbox 360 console respectively.

PS Plus

The month of December witnessed full of indie titles for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles. Sony may choose to bring in some notable titles next month or at least that’s what most subscribers hope for. Xbox 360 got Rayman Origins that works on Xbox One console. A similar feature on PS4 would help as well to expand the game catalog for PS Plus members.

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