PS5 UI Reveal Video Tops YouTube, Does it Indicate a Clear Console War Winner?


Sony predicted that the PlayStation 5 console will sell more numbers than the PS4 did in its lifetime.

They predict that they could easily sell 100 million PS5 consoles within the first one or two quarters which is why they have doubled the orders on the machine. If YouTube views are any indication, it looks like everyone wanted to see how the PS5 UI will look like and over 7 million people viewed it within a day’s time.

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Keeping things wrapped up could definitely have its share of hype surrounding it. While Microsoft went the PC route and sent their console to nearly all the reviewers on YouTube, Sony’s PlayStation 5 was kept under wraps for many months now. Even with the launch so console, they finally choose to show a breakdown video of the hardware components and fans smacked it up. There were some allegations that they are still not ready with the new console or its UI which was finally put to rest with the teardown video. After all, without so many hardware components to show, they can’t be really releasing the console next month, right?

Indicating Sales with Massive Views

The next big question was what is the user interface and the improvements Sony did to the console. Everyone including big-time fanboys and even Xbox fans wanted to know how it would because we all know what Microsoft is working on. The beta UI for the Xbox Series X has been revealed long back but PS5 was under wraps as it has always been. Within a week’s time, the development team came in to show it in style and they literally swept everyone off their feet. The user interface is well thought out because it has all its focus on the game, great ways to share a gif, or simply join other friends without losing track of the current game.

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If there is one thing that we are really happy about is that both PS5 and Xbox Series X are truly next-generation consoles. The SSD speeds make these consoles far more responsive and Sony is making great use of the system. They have introduced ways to accept invite from a friend and immediately join another group or party. The current game will be kept on hold so that you can always jump back in once your friends have completed the multiplayer game together. Such a level of intuitive design, colorful boxes and great UI makes the PS5 a strong player as most gamers are convinced to go for it when it gets launched.

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