PS5 Teardown Answers Two Raging Questions About Next-Gen Console

PlayStation 5 console

Watching the person skillfully unraveling the PlayStation 5 console for the first time was an exhilarating experience for both fans and the common audience alike.

After all, anyone who loves technology can never ignore the fact that consoles play a huge role in pushing the entire industry forward every few years.

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The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are pushing 4K gaming but they are also demanding televisions to be upgraded to 120Hz. It will enable them to showcase games at a much higher rate and this should probably change the consumer trend. More people would want to have televisions that can actually deliver in this regard which will make TVs smarter and lead to a whole lot of improvements. Sony’s PS5 reveal was a huge moment for everyone as they showcased some impressive technology hidden inside the huge, white box.

PlayStation 5 console

Replacing Storage Would be Bit Difficult

For keeping the pricing of SSDs and storage expansion open for players, Sony decided not to launch an external device as Xbox did. However, the one catch that we found now is that you have to actually remove the entire layer in order to increase the storage. That is definitely going to be complex because a wrong move and the plastic once broken may make the console lose its aesthetics forever. It is not going to be as simple as everyone originally assumed it to be but this depends on the real-world experience. Most players would rather consider going for an external hard drive as it seems like a safer option now.

Massive Heat Sink

The talk of the town when the PlayStation 5 console was completely stripped was the size of the heat sink. While it is assuring that they have used such a large heat sink, it is also not clear whether there could be loud fan noise when it actually runs. The console has also brought in some massive cooling technologies including liquid metal so as to keep the processor running at its optimal temperature. It will allow gamers to play games all day long without having to worry about loud fan noise or the CPU getting hot through the course of the day.

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Sony wanted to assure its fans that they have the console ready to be shipped and it also features the best technologies around. The complete teardown is a great breakthrough with just a month to go before the device is all set to hit stores across the globe. It will also compete against a different approach as the Xbox Series X is focused on subscription-based gaming and powerful hardware than exclusives.

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