PS5 Reveals Official Headset for Gamers and Movie Buffs, Promises 3D Audio

PS5 Reveals Official Headset

Being able to play a game in true surround sound experience is an exhilarating ride because you would always know where the sounds are originating from.

Games like Demon’s Souls or Resident Evil Village are best experienced such as this headset according to Sony. The PS5 exclusive accessory should be a unique and solid addition for anyone who wants to be addicted to the games they play.

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According to the official blog post, the newly launched PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset will be able to make use of the console’s surround experience. While we may not be able to directly test it before the console is available for review, the development team claims that they are capable of changing the way you play a game. Being an on-ear wireless headphone, it ensures there are no annoying wires that would hinder the experience. It can also be connected to the console directly using the USB cable or simply to the DualSense controller using the 3.5mm audio jack.

Wide Range of PlayStation 5 Games

On the launch date in November, PlayStation 5 console will have a whole of game titles and more importantly, will have some great exclusives that players could check out. Spider-Man Miles Morales is one of the fan-favorite titles which will support 3D audio out of the box. In order to actually experience what the game has to offer, you need to purchase and use this wireless headset which is designed to offer an immersive gameplay experience like no other.

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A wide range of other PS5 titles will also support this virtual surround sound including Resident Evil Village, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Sackboy A Big Adventure and Gran Turismo 7. The game titles are expected to keep growing with passing months as lots of new games are yet to be announced by Sony. After all, they have been tight-lipped about their plans for new titles towards the end of the year and in 2021. Even though, fans are super excited because a new God of War game is coming as early as next year which makes purchasing the next-generation console a worthy investment for most gamers.

PS5 Reveals Official Headset


The product will also receive TV virtual surround sound so that players could watch movies similar to how the AirPods Pro works with spatial audio on specific apps. When Netflix and other streaming services implement this technology, most movies will be delivered in a cinematic experience just by using this headphone or other popular Sony headphones.

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