Really Blue Google Pixel and Pixel XL Finally Arrive in Europe 

Google Pixel IP53 Certification

The Really Blue Google Pixel and Pixel XL have been hard to come by since their launch alongside the Quite Black and Very Silver color variants.

Initially, this color variant of the Pixel phones was meant to be a limited edition for the U.S. market. However, Google has been making strides with the phone, recently confirming that Canadians will also be able to have one, but only through Rogers carrier. Even though limited to a single carrier, this is a good step from Google as it means all color variants can now be accessible to everyone.

Now, in a similar move, the search engine giant has pushed the Really Blue Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones to the European market thanks to UK’s Carphone Warehouse and wireless carrier EE. The former has more than 2000 stores across the continent, but other countries know them as Phone House. Although Carphone Warehouse is used in the UK and Ireland, the latest development only affects those in the former country.

Google Pixel vs Google Nexus 5X

While both retailers have the Really Blue Google Pixel and Pixel XL listed on their official websites, they are only available for pre-order, with both set to start shipping the smaller Pixel within the next seven days while the larger Pixel XL will ship within the next 21 says. If you are interested in the Daydream View VR headset, EE has some amazing offers for you, but Carphone Warehouse also its own offers as well. In fact, it is only here that you can find a SIM-free Pixel phone.

There are no price changes for the new Really Blue Google Pixel and Pixel XL when compared to the other two color variants. The specs and features also remain unchanged. Currently, the Google Pixel retails at £599.99 while the Pixel XL has a price tag of £719.99.

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