Fallout 4, Skyrim Developer Bethesda is Working on New “Big” Titles

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

At least seven different games are in the making! Bethesda confirmed Skyrim for Nintendo Switch and Fallout 4 VR Edition are among them.

With five more games to go, the company’s head Todd Howard commented that they are developing new big titles that will be part of the five other games under production. While the team has been doing a lot to bring their older but most popular games to newer platforms, they are simultaneously working on plenty of other games as well. Speculations are high based on the interview Howard had with a leading game magazine. While some claim, they are the sequel to Elder Scrolls series among others the interview did shed some light for us.

Fallout 4

According to the statement made by Howard, one of the game Bethesda is working on is a mobile game. The company did an excellent job with Fallout Shelter. The game captured the best aspects of smartphone gaming and managed to incorporate all the elements a large Fallout game is known for. He added that two other games they are working on are more classical, large scale titles the studio is known for.

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“Our team has grown over time and we are much bigger now. We are looking forward to put more stuff. Two of the projects we are working on is classically of the same expected of Bethesda but this time we are going much larger. Due to deadlines, we continue to overlap projects and get them all done in time. These projects are bit different from what we do so far yet they will stay true to the core values and will make gamers happy. I cannot in detail about them for now,” said Howard.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

The mobile game will be a sequel to Fallout Shelter which is hugely popular on iOS and Android. However, it will not follow the same pattern as Shelter but rather introduce new elements and have whole new gameplay style. The company has been hugely successful on the mobile space as well yet their focus is always on PC platform. Bethesda’s Skyrim is coming on Nintendo Switch, a first time for both companies to launch an open world RPG on a console known for family friendly titles.

Similarly, Fallout 4 is expected to be a great fit for Virtual Reality because of the rich world and the exploration elements the game has, making it more immersive than any other title.

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