Red Dead Online – Large Bonuses and Discounts Announced by Rockstar

Red Dead Online

Rockstar is encouraging players of Red Dead Online to spend more time on the game and earn XP bonuses.

The studio’s website has opened a page highlighting the special offers and discounts being offered in the game currently. On top of the table is the Trader Sell Missions which can earn the traders 50% extra Role XP during this week. This special offer is extended to Resupply Missions as well as Trader Free Roam Events in the game as well. The missions chosen for the 50% bonus Role XP include all the Moonshiner Sell, Bootlegger and Story Missions.

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Make the Best Use of the Offers

This is the ideal opportunity for you to collect Role XP in Red Dead Online as the rewards are being offered for many activities. As you have enough time now with nowhere to go and being stuck at home, you should try all the events and missions you would not have attempted before.

Take the Showdown Series for example. Here, the new reward scheme introduced by Rockstar allows you to earn bonuses for eliminating your enemies. You have the option of using weapons with more firepower to achieve this objective. Wapiti Reservation in Ambarino is being offered as the new location this week.

Avail Fabulous Discounts on Merchandise

The Red Dead Online bootleggers can save a lot by buying up stuff this week as there are many ongoing discounts. The game is selling all saddles at 60% off. The Stable Slots are being offered at a discount of 30%. Accessories like glasses, eyepatches, gloves and role belt buckles are carrying 40% off on their marked prices. If you are buying a coat for yourself from the store, pay 30% less for it now. Check out the Moonshine Bar where again there is a 30% discount going on for many items which will be useful while playing the game.

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Grab the Piece of Clothing You have been Wanting to Own

The inhouse clothiers Wheeler, Rawson & Co are joining the fun and offering accessories like caps, hats, vests, pants and chaps, besides jackets and coats. This window is open only till April 27, 2020.

Rockstar has also announced this bonus Role XP offer on its official Twitter handle @RockstarGames. The studio is opening out to the fans with the expectation that they will make the best out of this brief celebration at a time when you are hearing only bad news all around thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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