The SIMS 4 – Details of the Knitting Stuff Expansion Pack Revealed


The news of three new DLCs for the Sims 4 game had already been disclosed earlier.

These are one expansion pack, a stuff pack and a game pack. The expectation was these packs will find their way into the game over a six-month period. The details of one of these packs, the Knitting Stuff pack have been now unveiled by SimsGuruConor. He has used a blogpost to share the details along with an image.

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Create Your Own Custom Clothing

The idea behind EA introducing the Knitting Stuff pack in the Sims 4 is to provide you with a gameplay that includes a variety of designs and colors for you to use your own imagination in creating the clothing for your characters. The image attached by SimsGuruConor has a male character wearing a brown full-sleeved sweater. There are different designs displayed in a collage that give you some idea of what all can be knitted. You can make them plain or with stripes. They could be without the sleeves as well.

Sims 4 Knitting Stuff Pack

Other New Introductions in The Sims 4

It is not the Knitting Stuff pack alone that has been revealed for the Sims 4 game. It is a piece of furniture, a Rocking Chair that gets added. This gives the game a new dimension where the Sims 4 character can be made to do a series of activities. The Rocking Chair could be used to sit and watch TV and maybe carry on knitting a sweater even. Some of the elements may be still at the studio level and start being dropped into the game in the days to come.

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An Online Store to Sell Your Stuff

The third thing you should know about the Sims 4 gameplay is the introduction of Plopsy, an online store. This store can be used to sell your knitted stuff. Once you have the clothing ready, you can list it on Plopsy for sale and hope some good Samaritan will buy it. The back end will have to be handled by the Sims. This new development too may be under creation at the studio and once the concept is in place, it may not take long to fit in the other requirements to make it work perfectly.

Plopsy is being described as something similar to Etsy, the online crafts retailer. The model will include the provision to buy stuff from Plopsy, though it has not been clarified if these include clothing knitted by the other players or not.

There are no firm indications of when these additions will be released for gameplay.

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