PUBG – The Company Shares its Vision for 2020 with the Players

In a very open and transparent manner, the top two executives handling the console portfolio for PUBG have addressed a lengthy communication on their website.

It is directly addressed to the millions of players of the PUBG game on gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They have started off by acknowledging that they are fully aware of the issues being faced by the PUBG players on their consoles ever since it was introduced for this platform two years earlier. They have largely shared the details of the development work on the game planned for the year 2020.

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The Major Issues Identified

KoosungJeong, Console Producer and Joon H. Choi, Console Lead Project Manager who are responsible for this communication have started off by identifying the key areas their team will be working on this year. In one way, this is to confirm these areas have issues and therefore the company will work on these to deliver a better gaming experience. PUBG concedes that despite their best efforts, they have not been able to fix certain issues on how the game behaves on consoles as compared to the PCs. Stable performance is being assigned the priority it deserves and all quality control measures required to deliver this will be attended to this year.

Security is a Major Concern in PUBG and will be Fixed

There are two important situations singled out for attention while playing PUBG is concerned. One relates to the DDoS attacks being faced. The company says its servers are being specifically targeted for such attacks. Whenever the attacks occur, the players face outages and disruptions. Players have been assured that the situation will be greatly improved over the next few months and the disruptions will be reduced.

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The other issue relates to the anti-cheat measures. PUBG again concedes that this is challenging for them to control. They say they are even now banning those players daily by detecting the logs through internal mechanisms. Their development team is expected to work on this in a more focused manner this year and come up with better and quicker ways to weed out the rogue players who indulge in cheating. Since this communication is console-specific, the players have been advised that certain hacks referred to as radar hacks on consoles are tackled. There may be encryption solutions to handle this but the company is not sharing more details at this juncture lest the hackers get alerted.

More Communications Going Ahead

Koosung Jeong and Joon H. Choi have concluded their address to console players by assuring them that there would be more such sharing of views and internal developments with them through the year.

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