Red Dead Online: Take-Two Says The Arrival Of New Content Will Be Determined By Rockstar

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online received its last significant update almost a year back.

When a game does not receive any new update or content for a long time, it is quite natural for fans to get upset. The sense of frustration felt by Red Dead Online fans has come alive in the form of the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline. Apart from expressing their displeasure at no new content being released for the game in a long time on social media, fans have also been writing emails to Rockstar Games asking the company to share some updates.

Take-Two Interactive, which owns the gaming, and publishing label Rockstar Games, has confirmed that the company is aware of the kind of frustration fans are going through. While the company assured the fans that a lot has been planned for Red Dead Online, it didn’t exactly offer them a timeline on when they can expect the next update.

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Launched as a multiplayer spin-off of Red Dead Redemption II, Red Dead Online hasn’t been provided with a major update since July 2021. Blood Money, which happens to be the title of the last update, brought in new clothing items, robberies and several temporary battle passes to the game. Since then, the only interesting thing players have been offered are weekly events where they get the opportunity to earn some additional XP or cash if they opt to try out old content again.

Fans are quite upset about the fact that Rockstar Games is providing regular updates to many of its other games, but has sidelined Red Dead Online for some reason. Grand Theft Auto Online, another popular multiplayer game by the publisher, receives minor but important updates quite regularly. Red Dead Online fans, which are quite large in number, have stated that Rockstar has almost abandoned the game.

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Acknowledging the frustration of the fans, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told a leading publication that it is “flattering” to realize that fans have huge expectations from the game and are looking forward to new content being added to it.

Though Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of Rockstar Games, the latter takes many important decisions on its own. Indicating the same, Zelnick stated that the direction in which Red Dead Online will move forward in the future shall be decided by Rockstar Games. He stated that important updates about the game will be shared by Rockstar Games.

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