Red Dead Online Leak Offers Hope For New Content

Red Dead Online

A newly emerged leak pertaining to Red Dead Online has brought in some cheer for Red Dead Redemption 2 fans.

This new leak has made some fans believe that Rockstar Games hasn’t sidelined the game and there is a chance of the publisher doing things to propel its growth forward.

Since Grand Theft Auto 6 has already been announced, one assumes that Rockstar Games has channelized most of its energies towards ensuring that it lives up to the gigantic expectations GTA fans have from it. Along with GTA 6, a large number of developers employed by Rockstar Games are working on the development processes of GTA Online.

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Despite the Rockstar Games’ focus being on GTA at the moment, there are reports of satellite teams taking a keen interest in some of the other games owned by the company like Red Dead Online. If many teams are actually working on Red Dead Online, then there is a good chance of something important happening with the game which, for a while now, hasn’t received any major update.

This year, “Save Red Dead Online” has emerged as a trending topic on Twitter multiple times this year. Many fans have tweeted about it as they felt that Rockstar Games was beginning to lose interest in the game and has not been offering it the kind of support it deserves.

Fans did receive an update a few days back but it did not seem to bring in the kind of information that would make them jump with joy. At first glance, the update appeared to contain security enhancements for PC players. However, when you dig deeper, you realize a bunch of interesting things had been hidden in the update files.

After the launch of Red Dead Online, several elements in the game have been leaked in a premature manner owing to the files in the game. When the gaming publisher works towards creating new content for the game, a good number of new files get added to the game.

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The addition of these files, more often than not, offers one a glimpse of upcoming content in the game. The recently added files refer to the act of rustling and a brand new mission. Since these updates have not been rolled out yet, there is a good chance of them being incorporated sometime in the near future.

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