Red Dead Redemption 2: Players Finally Get a Long-Requested Mod

Red Dead Redemption 2

Not Rockstar Games but the game’s modding community is responsible for the arrival of this mod!

In the past, Rockstar has often taken suggestions or feedback given by fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 very seriously and implemented them in the game. This has been one of the reasons behind the 5-year-old game going from strength to strength with time. It has, yet again, done something which shows it goes through the comments and posts shared by fans on social media about the game.

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For several years, RDR 2 fans had been asking for a particular feature to be implemented in the game. The modding community of the game has finally taken the necessary steps to get it incorporated into the game. The mod, which is called the Red Dead Redemption 2 New Game Plus, provides players with the opportunity to replay the story with all the elements unlocked.

This particular mod has been created by a user named sezzco. What the creator has done is they have put together a save file where they have unlocked everything that could have been unlocked. As per the description, “Everything done except story, side missions, legendary animals/fish, two treasure maps.” While players have to work diligently towards completing the game, this gives them a good starting point.

The Nexus page features a list of all the elements that have been unlocked. Since the map has been put on display, challenges are completed, equipment has been unlocked and most of the unlocks are available, chapter two will mark the beginning of one’s New Game+ Play.

This mod, while being very useful, won’t appeal to those who wish to complete challenges on their own. The creator has also categorically stated that this mod has been designed to ensure players have an enriching experience while going through the story.

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Going by the feedback, players are quite happy with the arrival of this mod. However, a lot of players seem to be disappointed with the fact that Rockstar Games didn’t make an attempt to launch a mod of this nature on its own. Since Rockstar has done this for many of its other titles, fans were expecting it to do it for RDR 2 as well.

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