Redfall Release Date Teased by an Insider


There has been a lot of excitement around Redfall but no official update has been shared about its release date.

According to an insider, this much-anticipated game by Arkane Studios will get a release sometime in 2023. Since we have already stepped into 2023, fans have started looking for clues or hints that could offer them further information about the probable release date for Redfall.

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In E3 2021, an official announcement was made about Redfall through a well-designed trailer that offered a glimpse of the open-world vampire shooter game. While a proper release date was not shared, the publisher did state that the game would be out in 2022. However, Redfall, along with Starfield, got delayed severely and soon enough, it was clear that the game was not going to be launched in 2022.

Klobrille, a prominent insider on ResetEra, recently replied to a user who believed that the game would release in fall 2023. With the help of some smart wordplay, Klobrille stated that they ‘May’ disagree on this particular statement. Klobrille wordplay has now fans arrive at the conclusion that the game would be launched in May 2023.

Klobrille hints at May release for Redfall from GamingLeaksAndRumours

When somebody puts together a list of the most anticipated games of 2023, they cannot help but mention Starfield in it. An individual, who is employed with Microsoft, recently confirmed that Redfall will be launched before Starfield. This makes one further believe that Redfall will, indeed, release in the month of May. However, a clearer picture would emerge when Microsoft share some detail about the release date of its upcoming titles.

While there have been many rumors about Redfall that have turned out to be false, one is compelled to take this particular information a little more seriously as it comes from Klobrille who is known to be quite accurate with his leaks.

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