Redfall Release Date Might Be Postponed Further


Redfall is one of those games many have been looking forward to. While there is a lot of anticipation around the game, fans are quite disappointed with it getting delayed again and again.

Now, it is being heard that the game might get delayed further. While no confirmation has been made by the gaming publisher, there are strong rumors of the game’s release date getting pushed further.

Redfall is the next major release from Arkane Studios, a company that operates under Bethesda. Though not much has been revealed about the game, what one knows for sure is that it will be a first-person shooter game. Because of the genre of the game and the space it is in, it has been widely compared to Left 4 Dead. For the uninitiated, Left 4 Dead is a game where players have to battle vampiric monsters.

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The first-ever unveiling of Redfall happened at the E3 2021 presentation put together by Xbox. It was also revealed that there are concrete plans to release the game exclusively for Xbox Series X console in 2022. However, for some reason, Bethesda was compelled to delay the releases of both Redfall and Starfield.

Though both the games were initially planned for a 2022 release, they will now be seeing the light of day in 2023. While the final release date of Redfall has not been confirmed, the game has, most likely, been delayed again.

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Okami, a prominent industry insider, has claimed that the release date of Redfall has suffered from an ‘internal delay’. According to Okami, the game has been delayed by “about 6 weeks”. The insider believes the game will release sometime in May. The publisher had planned on launching the game in March or April.

While Arkane Studios has not offered any clarification on the release date of Redfall, a few interesting details about the game have come to the fore. There is a very strong possibility of the game being released as a day one Xbox Game Pass game. Those who have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, therefore, will benefit greatly from it.

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