Resident Evil 4 Remake To Be Demonstrated At The Arab Game Awards Show

Resident Evil 4

This year, the Arab Game Awards Show is going to be quite special for Resident Evil fans as Resident Evil 4 is all to be exhibited there!

Capcom has decided to exhibit the Resident Evil 4 remake at the much-anticipated Arab Game Awards Show.

The showcase is expected to be quite elaborate and shall put the spotlight on Yoshiaki Hirabyashi, who happens to be the Lead Designer on the project. Apart from offering an overview of the game, the event shall also provide fans with several important details pertaining to the game.

Out of all the gaming series listed on Metacritic, Resident Evil 4 happens to be the one with the highest ratings. At 96, the game enjoys a very high critic score. The user score, meanwhile, stands at 9.2.  For the longest time, fans were hoping for a remake of the game that would feature high-quality hardware. During the annual showcase of Resident Evil by Capcom organized in October 2022, an official announcement about Resident Evil 4 being remade was made. It was also stated that March 24, 2023 would be the day when the game would be launched officially.

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Though Resident Evil 4 is one of the most anticipated horror titles slated to release this year, Capcom hasn’t showcased it too many times yet. Because of being ‘under-exposed’, there is a lot of anticipation around the game. Now, with it slated to be showcased at the Saudi Arabia Game Awards Show, the hype around it has gone to another level. If the showcase turns out to be impressive, there will be a large number of people waiting for the game to arrive.

Though not many, a few reveal trailers for Resident Evil 4 have been released so far. Each of these trailers has done a good job of showing a glimpse of the most tasteful elements in the game. While many fans are excited about the arrival of the game, there are some who feel skeptical about it and a little unsure of how it is going to turn out to be. Some have even stated that a remake of Resident Evil 4 was not really necessary.

While there is some time for the Resident Evil 4 remake to come out, fans are hopeful that it will not have any of the issues that the original game was plagued with. There are certain elements, like overloaded ammunition, that fans do not wish to be in the remake. There is also an expectation about the remake featuring a lesser number of quick-time events. Once the Resident Evil 4 remake comes out, fans might also get a better idea of where the franchise is headed.

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