Rockstar Games Might Launch GTA Mobile Soon

GTA Mobile

Earlier this year, Take-Two Interactive had made an announcement about Zynga and now there is a likelihood of GTA Mobile.

For the uninitiated, Zynga is a company that develops games for social networking platforms. Take-Two had paid $12.7 billion to acquire the company. If you consider the fact that Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard by paying around $69 billion, then it is far from being the biggest acquisition in the gaming space. However, $12.7 billion is still a huge amount and Take-Two must be expecting a lot to come out of this deal.

While Take-Two Interactive had stated that the deal would be closed by May 23, the deal is expected to be substantiated by the time the month of June comes to an end. What’s important to note here is that it could pave the way for the arrival of a new GTA Mobile.

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On Thursday, shareholders involved in the two companies gave their nod to all the proposals and terms that form a part of this important merger. Zynga’s shares will cease to exist once the market pauses its operations on Friday. Once that happens, the company will be out of the Nasdaq exchange.

As per Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick, the kind of expertise Zynga has will help them explore different spaces like cross-platform and free-to-play. The company, according to Zelnick, is making a conscious effort toward bringing many of its PC and console games to mobile devices.

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Though there are a lot of similarities between Take-Two Interactive and Zynga, they have been operating in two different spaces. While Take-Two has spawned major gaming studios like Rockstar Games and 2K Games, Zynga has largely been a social media based gaming company that is known for creating the FarmVille series and Treasure Isle, among other games.

Talking about the merger, Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau had stated that the goal is to combine the free-to-play expertise of Zynga with the best features of Take-Two Interactive to bring several innovations to the gaming industry. Since Take-Two Interactive is planning to make further inroads into the mobile gaming industry, one expects it to take some important steps in this direction once the merger is finalized.

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