Modern Warfare 2 Beta Players Seem To Be Disappointed with Dead Silence

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

While the publisher would have expected the Dead Silence perk to have made the fans happy, it seems to have done quite the opposite.

According to many players, this gameplay element isn’t doing what it is supposed to do. While it was designed to be an important tool against the enemy team, it has failed in its endeavor.

With the arrival of the second beta weekend, Call of Duty fans have spoken about their concerns around some important problems related to the game. One of the issues that fans are very concerned about is Modern Warfare 2 bug that, for some strange reason, makes the screen look smoky. Players have also spoken about hacking-related issues and campers getting too many favors. There have also been concerns about a gameplay mechanic that is a result of the Dead Silence perk. When you try out this mechanic, you realize it does exactly the opposite of what you expect it to do.

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The game has put together a new mechanism for its perks which one can refer to as field upgrades. There are a bunch of Modern Warfare 2 perks that can be included in the custom class of a player and can be activated only selectively during the match. To trigger the field upgrade, one has to take the help of an animation that accompanies it. If the enemy team is very close to where the player is based, an alarm noise will be heard. This happens to be one of the major issues with the Dead Silence perk.

In the earlier games that came out in the Modern Warfare 2 franchise, Dead Silence worked towards eliminating the noise created by the footsteps. This tremendously helped the players who were trying to follow the map while ensuring that they remain untraced by the enemy. Now, when you activate Dead Silence, a loud sound goes off that ends up alerting the enemy team. Therefore, Dead Silence is now proving to be a liability for Modern Warfare 2 players.

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On the brighter side, it is a beta version and the developers shouldn’t find it difficult to fix this issue. If they plan things properly, they would also be able to resolve many of the problems that have come to the fore because of the field upgrade elements. Before the game gets an official release, it would be important for the team to take the players’ feedback into account and drive away these issues.

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