Rockstar Games To Ban NFTs and Crypto Pertaining To Roleplay Servers

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Grand Theft Auto Roleplay or GTA RP is all set to go through certain changes owing to Rockstar Games modifying its policies.

A tweet posted by Rockstar Support stated that the gaming publisher has updated its policy pertaining to mods.

Roleplay servers or RP, as some players would know, now come under the ambit of mods. Because of this, the use of cryptocurrencies, NFTS, loot boxes and several other items are now forbidden in the RP server. This particular information has come to the fore after rapper Lil Durk made ‘Trenches Pass’ available in his custom RP server a while back.

As you can see in the aforementioned tweet, Rockstar Support has published the new policy pertaining to the GTA RP servers. By clicking on the link shared by the support team, gamers will get a clear idea of the kind of amendments that have been made to the policy. NFTs getting banned is a direct result of this updated policy.

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The updated policy lays out several important things, including the fact that it is not permissible for anybody to create new games, stories, missions or maps. The “commercial exploitation” of in-game items to make some money in the real world is strictly forbidden. The use of cryptocurrencies or crypto assets, too, is not allowed on this server. Creators are also barred from using Rockstar IPs, real-world brands, characters, trademarks and audio tracks.

After updating this policy, Rockstar stated that it has a lot of respect for the passion and creativity of the various creators who contribute to the game. It stated that third-party servers like Roleplay have been designed to pave the way for robust “community-created experiences” and it hopes that GTA fans and creators will “continue to thrive in a safe and friendly way” and keep creating memorable content.

As per GTA insider Tez2, rapper Lil Durk joined hands with Exceed Talent Capital in October to provide an IPO for the music created by him. There are talks about the company making elaborate plans to launch an NFT in the form of a “Trenches All-Access Pass”.

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