The Sims 4: A Fix For ‘Rude Sims’ Has Been Postponed To December

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The Sims 4 is a game that often gets affected by the presence of bugs and glitches.

However, to give the credit where it is due, the team jumps into action almost immediately and works towards resolving the issue at hand. There have been a few instances of a delay taking place while fixing a glitch or driving away a bug. One problem, however, has persisted for a long time and the team hasn’t been able to fix it yet.

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An update, that was rolled out a while back, turned good-natured Sims into the kind that go through mood swings regularly and get into arguments with other Sims all the time. While some players found this amusing, there were many who were put off by this. Since many players pointed this out and expressed their displeasure over it, the team made a note of it and started working towards resolving it.

The Sims 4 team was working towards developing a fix for this issue. While this fix was expected to be implemented in November, it has now been postponed to early December. The team confirmed this officially through its Twitter handle.

As soon as The Sims Direct Communications Twitter account announced this news, fans started liking the tweet in large numbers. Their reaction could also be gauged by the comments they dropped. While some were unhappy about the fix getting delayed, most fans were delighted to know that the fix would arrive in due course of time.

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The behavior of a Sim is closely associated with their intrinsic traits. The player, to a great extent, has the means to showcase their Sims to be polite and friendly creatures. Players found it strange to see Sims, who were supposed to be kind and friendly, behaving in a rude manner. Soon, it was discovered that a bug was making them act weirdly.

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