Rumors and Leaks Ignite Hope For A Grand Theft Auto 4 Remaster


Rockstar Games is working towards developing GTA 6.

Amidst the soaring popularity of GTA 5 and the excitement for GTA 6, one game that still has a good fan base is Grand Theft Auto 4. The game has remained a favorite of many GTA fans because of its excellent storyline and realistic milieu.

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Recently, GTA fans got to try out the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition comprising the remasters of GTA 3, San Andreas and Vice City. In November 2021, many fans were discussing the emergence of a new leaker named Ralph. As per the leaker, the remaster of the series’ fourth edition was being developed at the moment and is slated for a 2023 release. Rockstar Games chose not to respond to these statements being made by Ralph.

Some of the leaks, which have emerged recently, have indicated a map expansion for GTA Online. While there is a bleak chance of that happening, there is definitely a good possibility of a GTA 4 remaster being launched.

The individual behind this rumor is a Twitter user named Matheusvictorbr-, who hails from Portugal. This particular leaker has a decent track record. In the past, some of his leaks have been authentic and there have been some which were proved baseless in the long run.

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Matheusvictorbr- has dropped a hint about a next-gen port being designed for GTA 5. He further stated that developing it is a fairly complex process and therefore, there will be some delays. He confidently asserted that it will either come out in April or May. Since many other leakers have spoken about a GTA 4 remaster is in the works, fans are hoping for this information to be fructified into something concrete in the near future.

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