Samsung Files Trademark for 2 New Galaxy J-Series Phones – J3 Aura and J7 Aura

Galaxy J Series

Galaxy J3 Aura and J7 Aura could be the names of two new J-series smartphones to be released this year in the US.

Samsung has several launches coming up this year. The company is about to release multiple models in both the J-series and the A-series.

Since the last week of January 2018, Samsung has been very active in filing trademarks for several new device names, especially the J-series smartphones which include J3 and J7 models. This could be because of the fact that the phones would be assigned different names depending on which carriers they are heading to.

Galaxy J3 Aura

Let’s take a look at some of the recent trademarks filed by Samsung in 2018.

J3 Series:

  • J3 Star
  • Galaxy J3 Achieve
  • Galaxy J3 Orbit
  • Galaxy J3 Aura

J7 Series:

  • J7 Star
  • Galaxy J7 Aero
  • Galaxy J7 Eon
  • Galaxy J7 Refine
  • Galaxy J7 Crown
  • Galaxy J7 Aura

So far, it’s clear that the Galaxy J7 Aero will be Verizon’s J7 model with model number SM-J737V.

Galaxy J7 Aura

We also know that T-Mobile’s J7 variant will be called as Galaxy J7 Top and will bear the model number SM-J737T. This was learnt from a recent Bluetooth listing along with another ‘Top’ model which is the Galaxy J3 Top with the model number SM-J357BL.

The new trademarks were filed by Samsung in the United States so it’s pretty clear that different carriers in the US will get different names assigned for their J3 and J7 models.

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In addition to this, it’s worth mentioning that Samsung recently launched the Galaxy J7 Duo and the company is also working on its Galaxy J4, Galaxy J6 and Galaxy J8 models for this year and in the recent past we’ve been able to spot these in different certification websites and leaks.

We’ll keep you posted with more info.

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