Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e & S10 5G, Note10, Note10+ & Note10 5G Get Jan 2020 Security Patch Updates from Verizon

samsung galaxy S10 5G version

Verizon is sending the latest system updates for a host of Samsung Galaxy smartphones released in 2019, the Galaxy S10 series flagships and the Note 10 series devices.

All these phones are practically receiving their latest security update patches from Android. Verizon sends these update patches over the air, which means your device should automatically receive, download and install the update. If you have any doubts, you can always check on your phone using the software version details given below the respective models.

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e and S10 5G

All four Samsung Galaxy S10 series flagship phones have been around for almost a year now with Samsung getting ready to release their successors with the Samsung Galaxy S20 moniker in less than a month from now. While for the first three models, this is the system update No. 11, for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, this is the 8th update. All devices are being updated with the Android security patch of January 2020.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ and Note 10 5G

The three Samsung Galaxy Note series flagships were released simultaneously late last year and their system update number from Verizon is 5. These three smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G are all getting their January 2020 Android security update patch from Verizon.

Samsung had started releasing the January 2020 updates to some of these flagships in December 2019 itself. These are also the first set of updates after they were upgraded to the latest Android 10 OS. The fact that the contents of the update patches are limited only to the security updates is a confirmation that the OS version has been quite stable.

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