Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy J7, J7V, J3, J3V, LG G7 ThinQ and Moto Z4 Receive Verizon’s Software Updates

Samsung Galaxy S6

The latest list of the devices receiving system updates from Verizon includes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, the Galaxy J series smartphones from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy J7, Galaxy J7V, Galaxy J3 and Galaxy J3V.

The other devices in the list are LG G7 ThinQ and Motorola’s Moto Z4. The majority of the devices in this lot have performance improvements included in the system updates, apart from the latest security update patches. The Android security update patches for all these devices are their respective December 2019 updates.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is rated as one of the best tablets in the market competing with the iPad Pro. This tablet launched in 2019 is receiving its system update No.3 from Verizon. There are performance improvements included in this update besides the December Android security update patch. The specifics of which part of the performance of the tablet the update helps improving have not been mentioned on the Verizon update page.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2nd Gen) & Samsung GalaxyJ7V (2nd Gen)

Samsung released the Galaxy J series smartphones in different editions and these are recognized as second-generation releases. The two devices, the Samsung Galaxy J7 and J7V (2nd Gen) are also getting performance improvements through the respective system updates. These are the 8th system updates from Verizon. The latest Android security update patches of December 2019 are also included in the packs for the respective devices.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 (3rd Gen) & Samsung Galaxy J3V (3rd Gen)

These are identified within Verizon as the third-generation smartphones in the Samsung Galaxy J3 series, and the J3 and J3V devices are receiving their system update No.8 from the carrier. These phones too will find their performances improved after the installation of the respective updates. The December patch of the Android security update is included as well.

LG G7 ThinQ

The LG G7 ThinQ is being sent only the Android security update patch by Verizon in this, its 8th system update. There is no other item included beyond that.

Motorola Moto Z4

The third system update from Verizon for the Motorola Moto Z4 has only the Android security update patch of December 2019 received from Google.

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