Samsung Galaxy S24 Color and Storage Info Leaked; Galaxy S24 Ultra to Support 24MP Photo Resolution

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24 series is gearing up for launch next month and we now have some leaks about its color and storage variants.

The majority of smartphones still have 12MP resolution as default for photos, although they dumped 12MP sensors several years back. As per the leaker Ahmed Qwaider, Samsung is considering dumping off the 12MP sensors to its smartphones. Instead of providing 12MP resolution to the Samsung Galaxy S24, the brand will equip the phone with 24MP photo resolution.

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Although the S23 Ultra supports 50MP and 200MP options, those are rarely used. On the other hand, 24MP resolution strikes a decent balance. This is because it offers more detail than 12MP resolution and doesn’t increase the file size, unlike 50MP and 200MP options.

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The leaker also stated that the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra will arrive with a Photo Remaster feature. This feature was recently observed on the Galaxy Book 4 laptops. Those laptops use the latest AI hardware to provide easy and quick photo touch-ups.  Galaxy S24 Ultra will also include an ND Filter. However, it isn’t an original Neutral Density filter but is a post-processing modeling of a filter that executes on RAW images. But, this is still experimental.

Storage and Color

Only two weeks are left for 2024 and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to launch in January. The latest leaks mention the storage, RAM, and color options for each of the three models of Galaxy S24. The leaks originate from a reliable source that possesses a strong record for various Samsung devices. Each of the three models of Samsung Galaxy S24 will be available in Grey, Black, Violet, and Yellow colors at the launch.

Samsung Galaxy S24

Similar to the Galaxy S23, the Samsung Galaxy S24 will have 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. The latest leaks also imply that there will be an 8GB RAM and 256GB storage option.

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Samsung Galaxy S24+ is expected to have 12GB RAM and 256/512GB storage options. Moreover, Galaxy S24 Ultra will begin with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. The users can upgrade to either 512GB or 1TB storage.

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