GTA 6 Fans Come Up With New Theory About Release Date of The Game


The numbers on a t-shirt have led to a Reddit user guessing a release date for the GTA 6!

For a very long time, one had been coming across all kinds of unverified information on Grand Theft Auto 6. After the launch of the game’s trailer, the speculations around the game have become intensified. Though Rockstar has finally offered fans a glimpse into the world of its much-awaited title, it is yet to announce a release date for it. Now, GTA 6 fans feel that a t-shirt is they to unlock the release date of the game.

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A Reddit user with the Reddit handle Cpyto_Man has come up with a new theory about the release date of GTA 6. As per the Reddit user, the game will launch on April 1, 2025. This particular theory is a result of the Reddit user seeing a gray GTA Online avatar t-shirt that has a bunch of numbers printed on it. The T-shirt also features a diamond in the center.

Possible date for GTA 6?
byu/Cpyto_Man inGTA6

The number series on the poster is ‘1252309’. Cpyto_Man pointed out that this numerical series matches with 12/5/23, 9 AM, which was the original date and time scheduled for the launch of the GTA 6 trailer.

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The Reddit user also built his theory based on what they saw on the upper left side of the t-shirt pattern. Here, one can see the number strand 040125. Based on this number strand, the Reddit user inferred that there is a strong possibility of GTA 6 releasing on April 1, 2025. While some GTA 6 fans got very excited at this theory, there were many who questioned its authenticity. Since April 1, 2025, is April Fool’s Day, many fans believe that Rockstar would not release the game on such a date. Whether Cpyto_Man’s theory turns out to be true or not is something time will tell.

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