Samsung Galaxy S8 launch May happen on April 15th, better 8MP selfie camera touted

Samsung Galaxy S8

Up until now, there is no concrete report on when exactly we’re going to see Samsung Galaxy S8 come to life.

Some have pointed to the upcoming MWC 2017 tech show in Barcelona as to when the Galaxy S8 will be launched while some are adamant that the tech giant will arrange its own special event and unveil the phone, probably somewhere towards the end of March or in April. In fact, some have even gone ahead to predict that the S8 flagship will be unveiled in mid-April, but there is no official communication from Samsung just yet, rendering all these mere rumors and speculations.

A recent report claimed that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at next month’s MWC show and later on ship as from April, but fresh reports surfacing from South Korea claim that the phone will actually be launched on April 15, which is not far from the mid-April dates that have been talked about in previous rumors. If these reports are to be believed, the new Galaxy S8 will be coming in with a significantly improved selfie shooter, probably something close to what it has been doing with its 2017 midrange phones in the Galaxy A and Galaxy C series.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak

Both families have been installed with a 16MP snapper on the front to ensure that buyers of the phones have the best selfies ever. This is a way for the company to factor in the current generation of consumers that is obsessed with selfies. But since megapixel count doesn’t matter a lot when it comes to quality of images, the same report adds that Samsung Galaxy S8 will ship with an 8MP snapper on the front panel as opposed to 16MP used on the midrangers and 5MP used on last year’s S7. To make it better, the tech giant will include autofocus and other features that are yet to be detailed out.

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