More Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: Release Date Allegedly Revealed and New Image Leak

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 speculations are rife. Latest reports suggest that the release date could be in April 2017 and we also have spotted another leaked image of the phone. 

It was expected that Samsung will release its 2017 flagship, the Galaxy S8, during the Mobile World Congress 2017 event. But, a lot of obstacles seem to have pushed the release date a bit longer. May be Samsung is waiting for the right time. The first and foremost was Galaxy Note 7 bursting issue. The team wanted to make sure such battery problems never occurred with their new phone. It could strongly tarnish their image if it happens one more time. They are also set to reveal the investigations of Note 7 fiasco, sometime later this month.

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Making sure the battery works is not the only reason that might have made them delay the S8. Rather, Samsung probably wanted to make sure their flagship phone stayed true to its expectation. The designers are going with a completely bezel-less design which will allow them to provide near edge-to-edge display for more screen space. The position of the home button is expected to be moved below and fingerprint scanner will be integrated onto the backside of the phone. Here is a new leaked image that surfaced online, a few hours ago.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak
Or could this be S8 Edge, may be?

An earlier rumor suggested that the phone will not feature any buttons. The idea was to implement them all in the touchscreen with 3D touch technology and pressure sensitivity. However, there are so many practical hurdles they should cross in order to leap into the future like this. It looks like the idea may be postponed for the moment and might be implemented a year or two later when the technology is ready. We can’t fully confirm or refute the rumor at the moment as Samsung might surprise everybody by making it possible.

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The phone will also feature an Iris scanner. With micro-nano processor, the brand aims to make the phone even slimmer but it might have an adverse effect on battery size. Smartphones are never battery efficient despite all the amazing advancement in camera, display and multimedia usability. A flagship model like the Galaxy S8 should probably set a new benchmark with great battery which will inspire all other companies to follow suit.

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A chinese source confirmed Samsung’s Unpacked event and also claims that the new phone will be available in stores on 18th of April, 2017. They have also found the reason behind the battery that caused Galaxy Note 7 models to explode and a detailed report will be submitted this month. It will enable them to avoid such grave issues in their future models.

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