Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Wi-Fi Version and Moto G7 (River) get TWRP Support


TeamWin has officially released the TWRP updates for a tablet and a smartphone. The tablet is Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Wi-Fi variant while the smartphone is Moto G7.

The Moto G7 appears on the TeamWin website with the codename “river” while the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Wi-Fi version uses its name. For those who have an interest in this update, you need to know how to handle it as well as the risks associated with it if anything goes wrong in the installation process.

As for the advantages, TWRP updates allow you to custom install ROM and add software on your device without affecting the basic functions of the smartphone.

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Is Your Device is Ready?

If your device comes with a bootloader, it may prevent the sideloading of TWRP. Thus you have to first ensure that you have unlocked the device before downloading and installing the TWRP file. Make no mistake about this, unlocking your device means that you are willing to wipe clean the smartphone. This means that you will have to back-up all files before unlocking the device.

Google Play Store to Download

A good way to get the TWRP update on your Android tablet or smartphone is via Google Play Store. This is the safer way to download the official update released by TeamWin. Nevertheless, TeamWin also provides the links to the update files on its website. This comes with the download and installation steps.

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If you haven’t used this tool before (an amateur) but want to give this a try, please seek the assistance of a professional or you can explore some YouTube videos to make yourself familiar with the process first. Although TWRP tool is meant for the developer community and they are thorough with the entire thing in its totality, TeamWin also warns of the risks involved in terms of damages to the mobile phones.