Samsung’s 7th Gen OLED Displays will be Foldable, Have more PPi

Samsung Galaxy S8

OLED displays are the best so far and Samsung has been making them for a long time now.

The company has been ahead of others that even Apple has to buy displays from this technology giant.

According to a new report from a financial magazine, it has been nearly confirmed that the research and development wing at Samsung is busy building the 7th gen OLED displays. The company recently launched the flagship devices Galaxy S8 and the S8 +. Featuring a new technology called Infinity Display, these phones look exceptionally stylish with a near bezel less design. The slim body had caught the attention of many and has been lauded as one of the best phones in recent times. Without Apple’s iPhone 8, we can’t come to a conclusion so early but Samsung is one of the right track.

Galaxy S8


The brand is working on the 7th Generation AMOLED displays which is expected to go into production in the second quarter of 2017. Based on their usual launch schedules, it is possible to see those screens in phones that get released towards the end of the year and possibly in the Galaxy S9. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will sport a large 6.4-inch OLED display with a unique aspect ratio of 18.5:9 which is already used in the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus. The increased pixels per inch count is expected to further go higher.

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An inside rumor also suggests the foldable OLED displays will be featured in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X and the Galaxy X1. These future phones will have a completely different aspect ratio because of the foldable design. Besides, the company is the biggest supplier of AMOLED displays around the globe and once they roll out the foldable displays, it won’t be long before other smartphone manufacturers launch these phones. You can soon just fold and keep your phone in your shirt pocket or in your wallet instead of having a huge bulge in your pockets. It will also make phones more compact, easy to use and possibly lead to better voice controls instead of typing on a screen. The fingerprint sensor is also expected to be integrated on the display.