Sega Buying Angry Birds Maker Rovio is Nearly Confirmed

Angry birds

With more solid additions, Sega buying Angry Birds maker Rovio is possibly a deal that is very close to completion.

The companies are working on a deal that will enable them to smoothly complete this transaction because the amount is massive even though it is nominal in the gaming industry.

Buying a game development company for billions is nothing new for Microsoft as they acquired, Activision, Blizzard and Mojang – Minecraft’s original maker for billions of dollars. For Sega, it is an entirely new story because they are far from being an active player in the competitive gaming industry. While they have a classic history and even owned game consoles of their own in the past like Sega Genesys, in the current world they own the Sonic franchise and continue to make games and movies out of their favorite characters.

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Rovio is going downhill at this point in time with Angry Birds seldom making a profit margin but the buyer sure seems to have some plans for the future. Sega buying Angry Birds maker Rovio is almost a confirmed deal according to sources from Wall Street and it will be acquired for a massive amount of $1 billion dollars.

Buying into a Franchise

Sega is planning to go for Rovio because they have massive tie-ups with lots of other brands including Star Wars, Rio and Sonic in the past. They originally established themselves in 2009 and later moved even into the movie industry, making some amazing animated movies based on Angry Birds characters.

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Apart from their popular title, they even made games named Small Town Murders and Darkfire Heroes. They are nearly non-existent in the gaming community but seeing their potential, Sega buying Angry Birds maker Rovio is considered a solid deal. When Microsoft is purchasing Blizzard for nearly $69 billion, other makers spending a fraction of it is considered a wise move for better future plans.

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