GTA 6 Players Have Mixed Views On Last-Gen Consoles Creating Limitations For The Game


GTA 6 players and fans do not seem to be on a consensus on their thoughts on the game being held back by Xbox.

In the last few years, no game has been able to create the kind of anticipation that Grand Theft Auto 6 has managed to do. While there has been a lot of rumors and leaks pertaining to the game, Rockstar Games has not even confirmed its official title yet. Because of this, a large number of fans have started believing that last-gen consoles are holding back GTA 6.

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There has been a lot of speculation about GTA 6 not releasing on last-gen consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and getting an exclusive launch on newer consoles like Xbox Series XIS and PlayStation 5. While there has not been any confirmation from Rockstar on it, certain material that has come to the fore indicates the same.

Since GTA 6 is expected to be highly advanced in terms of technology and other elements, many believe that Rockstar would not want it to release it on older consoles. The potential of this much anticipated, after all, would be best explored on new-gen consoles. When you have a new-age console at your disposal, you feel confident about it reproducing graphics very well on the screen. While many GTA 6 players and fans are happy with this possibility, there are many who are not too kicked about it.

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A large number of fans are of the opinion that if Rockstar makes the decision to not release GTA 6 on older-gen consoles, the reach of the game will get severely limited. Players, who own these consoles, are also concerned about the fact that they will not get the opportunity to try out the game unless they invest in a new-gen console. A group of GTA fans is of the opinion that Rockstar should try to make GTA 6 as accessible as possible.

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