Resident Evil 4 Microtransactions May Face Fan Backlash

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 microtransactions is a completely uninvited addition to the game which may face fan backlash based on how it is being implemented.

All modern games had mixed reactions when players were forced to make payments like mobile games and to add skins or weapons based on how much you pay.

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Besides, microtransactions became a huge issue with most titles because those who pay more often got an unfair advantage in gameplay. Titles like Fortnite, Counter Strike or Dota 2 often focused more on the visual aspect but not on gameplays. Resident Evil 4 is a popular old school classic which when brought into the modern world is now facing a completely new problem that no one would have expected in the first place.

Bringing in premium items

Resident Evil 4 microtransactions according to the developers has been designed in such a way that it will provide premium items which are otherwise not available. The remastered version of the old classic was released just two weeks ago after which comes this unexpected twist in the tale. As promised, the developers also rolled out the Mercenaries DLC as a free add-on along with the freedom to upgrade their weapon exclusively whenever they please.

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There is no official word on the pricing but the upcoming premium pack is expected to cost around 2.49 GBP which will provide exclusive upgrade tickets in the store front. It is supposedly designed to allow gun collectors, knife enthusiasts and others to redeem it in the digital store front. Irrespective of the weapon’s level, the ticket will allow you to instantly upgrade it but we are still not sure how this actually works in game.

Resident Evil 4 microtransactions and the way it works is supposed to be explained by the developers in the following days. It may not be expensive but still allowing some who pay to instantly unlock weapon levels or get unique weapons is something the player community may not entertain.

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